Breakneck through the Bible – Spouse Selection (Genesis Chapters 24-25)

Spousal selection is a perplexing and vexing part of life for most people; at least if the rates of failure in marriage are indeed what they are reported to be. The average person does not now where to start, what to do, what to look out for and how not to make a grievous and costly mistake by making a poor selection. The result is a convergence of an enormously important decision and an utter lack of knowledge of how to go about making that decision. For guidance and direction in this area of life we turn to the Almighty’s book of life instructions (a good idea for any difficult situation) and analyze the Torah’s exhaustive description of the vetting and selection of a spouse for Isaac – focusing on the minutiae of all the small details – and attempt to draw insight and instruction that is as relevant today as ever.