Ep. 2: Homeland, Hegemony and Hostility: Jewish History from Joshua to the (Second) Downfall of Jerusalem

The Torah end with the death of Moshe. The greatest human and leader of all time is no longer there to lead them. How will the Jews fare in his absence? In this expansive episode of The Jewish History Podcast with Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe we tell the story and lessons of Jewish history from the conquest of Israel (Canaan) under Joshua beginning in 1272 B.C.E until the Roman decimation of Judea in 70 C.E. Over these 1400 years we meet great visionary Jewish leaders as the prophet Samuel, King David and Ezra the Scribe who made pivotal decisions to ensure the survival and thriving of the nation; we recall the life and feats of great heroes as Samson the Mighty, Queen Esther and Judah Maccabeus; and celebrate great national accomplishments and pinnacles as the building of the Temples in Jerusalem, the miraculous redemption from Haman’s evil plots in the events that led to the Purim holiday and the defeat of the Assyrian Greeks during the Hasmonean rebellion. While this period had many tremendous national highs, it also had its share of tragedies, disappointments and friction with the other nations, which we discuss in detail. Throughout it all we continually draw the timeless lessons of history to make certain that we do not repeat those mistakes in our time and with our challenges.

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