Ep. 5: Chaos, Cataclysm and Consolidation: Jewish History in The Modern Era

The Modern Era was a whirlwind of activity for the Jewish people, not all of it positive. The story takes us to Tzfat in northern Israel where a unique community of Torah giants shape the future of our nation. It moves to Poland and the Ukraine where bands of cossacks slaughter and pillage the Jewish communities. After that we move on to Turkey where we meet one of the villains of Jewish history who destroyed the lives and the spirit of his generation. We learn about the many different movements of this time: the Chassidic movement, the modern Yeshiva movement, Zionism, Reform among others, and the great national accomplishment of the modern State of Israel. It is a story of hope; a story of yearnings; a story of great impacts and grave errors; it is a story that our nation continues to create.


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