How to get your Prayers Answered: An Exposition on the Philosophical and Practical aspects of Prayer and Liturgy

Jews are obligated to pray to the Almighty 3 times daily and prayer is named by the Mishna as one of the three pillars that uphold the world. Yet the very principle of prayer is somewhat troubling. For example, when someone is sick the Jewish response is to beseech to God to provide a healing for the ill; Yet the source of the illness is none other than the Almighty Himself. If so, why are mortal and narrow minded humans trying to intercede, intervene and intermediate in matters that are more suited for the Almighty to decide? After all, He knows what is best for His subjects and Judaism teaches that all that all that the Almighty does is for the best? These questions among others are discussed in this class, and additionally a practical approach to getting our prayers answered is outlined.