Why are Jews so obsessed with Torah study?

For more than three millennia now the Jews have remained steadfastly dedicated to Torah study. Even during times when 99% of their non-Jewish neighbors were illiterate, every man, woman and child in the Jewish community was able to read and write – and well versed in Torah. Jewish societies have historically valued Torah knowledge and study above all. The Torah scholar was revered, and the Torah ignoramus reviled; in Talmudic times the sharpest barb possible was calling someone a reik” – an empty person devoid of Torah. What about the Torah is so critical, crucial, pivotal and essential that has fostered such an unyielding love and devotion? In this presentation, Rabbi Wolbe assembles some of the famous – and some of the more obscure reasons – why even in contemporary times the study of Torah is invaluable if a better life is what you seek.