Logic, Evidence and Proofs to the Veracity of the Torah

Only two potential answers really exist to the question of who wrote the Torah: 1. The traditional perspective of it being written by Moses as per the dictation of God. 2. It not being written by Moses as per the dictation of God. In recent times a third option was invented that it was divinely inspired but not divinely dictated. The reality is that if we minimize God’s involvement in authoring the document to merely inspiring, what results is a perception of major human influence on the book, and hence downgrading it from being the word of God; an authoritative, immutable and binding manual for life, to being the subjective and unbinding word of man. It is superfluous to say that our entire religion collapses if it is based upon the words of Moses or Ezra or Jeremiah or any human, and not the word of God.

Can we give rational and reasonable evidence to either perspective of this fundamental question? This class continues with the quest of examining and assessing the logical basis of these two options by analyzing some bold and audacious predictions found in the Torah.

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