Noach – Treating the Symptoms of Sin

A synopsis of the parsha and insights and lessons and themes from it. The topics discussed in this epsode:

The 120 Year Grace Period for Mankind – [0:00]
The Enigmatic Character of Noah – [4:35]
The Ark as Refuge; Ark’s Dimensions – [13:25]
Fiting everyone into the Ark – [18:45]
A Personal Flood And a Personal Ark for refuge – [26:35]
A Seeming Inconsistency in the Number of Kosher Animals – [30:00]
Separation of men and women in Ark – [35:07]
The lacking of Noah’s faith – [40:10]
Four Events that happened in Broad Daylight – [45:32]
The Legacy of the Dead, Life on the Ark, The Aftermath of the Flood – [50:48]
The Ham Debacle – [1:01:36]
Nimrod and The Tower of Babel – Rebellion With Willful Intent – [1:06:33]
Abraham’s Backstory and the Two Types of Miracles – [1:14:02]

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