Bereishis – The Ominous Beginnings of Man

This is the first of a series on the entire Torah. Every week will feature a new episode that begins with a synopsis of the parsha and insights and lessons and themes from it. The topics discussed in this epsode:

Parsha Overview – [0:00]
The World Was Created with Ten Utterances – [6:46]
Hell Created on Day Two – [11:36]
The Demotion of the Moon – [15:43]
Why Adam was Created on Day Six –  [20:20]
Why no “And behold it was good” for Adam? – [25:32]
Adam and Eve: Model Marriage? – [28:46]
The Test and the Sin – [32:27]
Adam was Created Circumcised – [39:00]
“The Torah Begins and Ends with Kindness”/Adam to Moses Continuum – [41:48]
The Punishment and Repurcussions of the Sin – [48:07]
Cain and Abel: Impact of Actions – [01:00:29]
Deterioration of Mankind – [01:09:46]


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