Vayeira – Reconciling Kindness and Child-Sacrifice

Telling the story of this week’s parsha while gleaning insights and lessons from it. The topics discussed in this episode:

Kindness Superseding Prophecy – [0:00]
Deconstructing Abraham’s Kindness with the Three Strangers – [9:57]
Abraham’s Intercession on Behalf of Sodom – [25:23]
Abraham’s Unsuccessful Kindnesses: How Kindness and Faith are Correlated and How Lot’s Kindness differed from Abraham’s – [34:48]
Sodom’s Perversion and Lot’s Warped Kindness – [41:56]
The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and its Aftermath, the Pillar of Salt and Lot’s Merit– [51:47]
Birth of Isaac, Banishment of Ishmael and Binding of Isaac – [1:02:39]
Understanding the Binding of Isaac and Abraham’s Apparent Cruelty – [1:08:22]

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