Shemos – The Iron Crucible (Rebroadcast)

The book of Exodus begins with the enslavement of the Jewish people in Egypt. Interestingly, when Abraham was selected to be the father of the Chosen People he was informed that his descendents will be subject to severe national suffering in a foreign land.Seemingly, the enslavement was an ideal, and necessary, component of becoming God’s people.

The topics discussed in this episode:
Pharaoh enslaves the Jews , theme of the Jews enslavement, the horrors of infanticide – [0:00];
Birth of Moshe, He is put into a floating box in the Nile, Is adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter – [16:50];
Introduction to Moshe’s character – [36:04];
The Burning Bush Prophecy, Weeklong Dialogue with God, back story of the staff – [35:36];
Moshe and Aaron Meet Pharaoh, things get worse – [53:32];

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