The Codification of the Oral Torah: The History, Methodology and Philosophy of Canonizing the Mishna, Talmud and Halacha

Previously (see HERE) we have elaborated on the 1500 years of uninterrupted conveyance of the Oral Torah in its entirety from one generation to the next. Towards the end of the second century of the common era a fateful decision was made to commit the Jewish Law, known as Mishna, to writing. This began a multi-century undertaking, in a certain respect is still ongoing, to write down all of Oral Torah. What prompted this reversal of tradition? What unique conditions were present at that time that enabled these projects to fruition? How did the architects of these monumental and magisterial works infuse the written Oral Torah with the same flavor that was present prior when the Oral Torah was yet unwritten?

Core Beliefs of Judaism with Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe – Torah Part 22