The Multidimensionality of Torah

The Talmud and related rabbinic writings are replete with disagreements that impact  the practical application of Torah, known as Halacha. What are the safety ordinances to prevent the perversion of Halachic practice? Is it possible that over the course of history something went awry and there is some element of Halacha that was forgotten or corrupted along the way and from thenceforth we are observing in error? In this 23rd and final talk in this series on Torah we explore the role and responsibility of the Sanhedrin, the longest lasting Jewish central authority institution; learn about the most famous and tragic episode of Halachic conflict; and ponder the fascinating but puzzling theme of אלו ואלו דברי אלהים חיים – the notion that both sides of a mutually exclusive argument can, in a certain sense, be correct.

Core Beliefs of Judaism with Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe – Torah Part 23