Vayeishev – Strange Paths to Redemption (Rebroadcast)

Parshas Vayeishev marks the dramatic descent of Joseph, from Jacob’s favorite son to alleged attempted rapist languishing in an Egyptian prison. In retrospect, this Parsha tells the beginning of the founding of the Jewish nation and the back story to the nation’s most prestigious family.

The topics discussed in this episode:
Jacob’s Favoritism towards Joseph – [0:00];
Joseph’s Dreams of Grandeur and the Prophecy in Dreams – [6:09];
Jacob’s Response to Joseph’s dreams – [16:55];
The Brothers Betray Joseph – [18:52];
Reuben and Judah try to save Joseph – [27:20];
Joseph’s Descent into Egypt; Judah is Demoted; the Episode of Judah and Tamar – [31:00];
Joseph in Egypt; His Resistance to Sin – [49:42];
Joseph is Framed and Imprisoned – [55:33];
Joseph Relies on the Cupbearer  – [1:01:22].

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