Vayishlach – Twin Tussles (Rebroadcast)

Telling the story of this week’s parsha while gleaning insights and lessons from it. The topics discussed in this episode:

Jacob’s Preparation for the Encounter with Esau – [0:00]
Jacob’s Fears: Of Loss of Merits, Of Esau and Of Esau’s “Brotherly Love” – [9:09]
The Bribe – [13:29]
Jacob Hid Dina to Shield her from Esau – [16:06]
Jacob’s night-long Struggle with the Angel, Dislocated his Hip and the Mitzvah of the Gid Hanasheh – [21:13]
Jacob is Renamed as Israel – [29:57]
The Encounter with Esau – [39:42]
The Episode of Dina – [49:04]
The Death of Rebecca  – [59:24]
The Episode of Reuben and Bilhah – [1:02:24]

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